I don’t know where or when “FIRST!!1!1!!11” became an idea. It remains a minor annoyance or humorous oddity. As a product of an upcoming generation of so-called “Digital Natives,” I think it signals a particular kind of a need for speed. The digital technology we have created has the effect of forcing us to value efficiency. In particular, it helps us focus on our desire to optimize our ratio of “stuff done” to “time spent.” Combined with capitalism’s competitive nature, sequence becomes as important as time; there isn’t merely a need to achieve quickly, but to achieve quickly relative to others. Hence, “first.” (The combination of “!” and “1” might be attributed to either excitement or sloppiness.)

In this blog, I expect to examine a variety of issues. While some will be fairly niche (“Trolling in Online Games”), others may take a broader scope (“Cultural Norms that Make Life Worse”). Some might be a little bit technical or dry (“Why I Favor Kierkegaard’s Lens to Hegel’s in Thinking of Society”), while others may touch nerves and be emotionally charged (“How Discourse Concerning Patriarchy Entrenches Feminist Challenges”).  Whatever I discuss, I have a few goals: 1) To be clear, 2) To understand the issue better because of my post here, 3) To be intellectually honest and academically responsible, and 4) To be both educational (informative; to show something about the issue at stake) and entertaining (or at least interesting).


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